ProfiTAP 40G BiDi Fiber TAPs
Providing Visibility to Cisco 40G Bidirectional Links

The Profitap 40G BiDi fiber optic TAP was specifically designed for the monitoring of Cisco 40Gb bidirectional links.

The new Cisco 40G BiDi standard quadruples the speed in standard dual LC (OM3-4, 10Gb) data center cabling, thereby
allowing for a cost effective migration from 10Gb to 40Gb. This quadrupling of speed is achieved by doubling the data rate and using bidirectional technology instead of unidirectional.

The Cisco 40G bidirectional standard uses 2 parallel multi-mode fiber strands to transmit the signal, rendering standard tapping systems inadequate for the monitoring of such links. The Profitap 40G BiDi fiber optic TAP transmits traffic to monitoring tools from all fiber optic signals, enabling total visibility over
your network.

For complete security and optimum performance, the 40G BiDi is fully passive, requiring no power, and uses exclusively OM4 fiber optic cabling and low insertion loss zirconia sleeve adapters. The 40G BiDi exists in single and triple density models (up to 9 TAP points in a 1U footprint).

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  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • Permanent network link guaranteed
  • Monitoring of all OSI layers
  • No packet loss
  • No point of failure
  • Passive, unpowered
  • Various split ratios available
  • 10-year warranty


  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure
  • New Cisco systems using 40G transceivers
  • Cost-efficient upgrade from 10G to 40G