ProfiTAP Portable Fiber TAPs

Flawless monitoring of your fiber networks

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Thanks to its special portable design, the range of Portable Fibre TAPs can be easily taken on the field and placed at key points of your network with utmost space use efficiency. For optimal portability, the passive Fibre Optic TAP comes with a carrying zipper pouch.

All our Portable Fiber TAPs have been designed to provide flawless in-line monitoring of your fiber networks even when you are on the go or on the field. They exclusively use optical fiber that’s been handpicked and extensively tested by industry experts.

  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • Permanent network link guaranteed
  • Monitoring of all OSI layers
  • No packet loss
  • No point of failure
  • Passive, unpowered
  • Various split ratios available
  • 10-year warranty