Sandvine ActiveLogic

Sandvine helps organizations run world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence "ANI", to identify and adapt to network behaviour in real time. Take control of your data plane, with intelligent optimisation for improved productivity and reduced costs.
  • While network traffic is increasing at a rapid rate from various internet phenomena (video, gaming, and social sharing), networks are also undergoing technical disruptions from encryption and cloud.
  • These market and network drivers increase the pressure for network operators to effectively run profitable, efficient, and competitive networks.
  • In order to mitigate these factors, operators need advanced traffic classification techniques, deployment flexibility, hardware independence, and the ability to take advantage of cloud-based infrastructure and the power of automation.

Sandvine’s ActiveLogic is a multi-purpose solution providing network visibility AND network control.

Unlike a pure network visibility solutions, ActiveLogic provides the ability to actually manipulate and intelligently control your network. Manage congestion, by controlling peaks. Put in place rules based on enterprise department needs and priorities. Limit any individual’s usage, to prevent anyone taking an unfair share of network bandwidth.

ActiveLogic detailed network usage example

NETWORK INTELLIGENCE-BASED ENFORCEMENT FEATURES Sandvine’s ActiveLogic delivers network intelligence-based policy enforcement capabilities for enhancing and managing QoE.
REAL-TIME DYNAMIC LIVEVIEW QUERY ENGINE AND ELEMENTS enables sophisticated real-time forensics to manage QoE, network congestion, and network security issues.
ANI CLASSIFICATION ENGINE uses machine learning to identify applications in spite of encryption.
POLICY-BASED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES include asymmetric traffic control, distributed traffic shaping and filtering, traffic flow classification and prioritization, traffic monitoring, and packet re-write.
ADVANCED PACKET QUEUING, including parallel queuing to enable more flexible traffic management policies, ensures predictable delay and jitter, enabling operators to meet their customers’ QoE expectations.
FLOW-BASED METRICS are gathered and exported to third-party systems via real-time interfaces such as Kafka or IPFIX for visualization and reporting.
ENRICHMENT DATABASES augment existing provisioned data with other meta data for improved contextual awareness, including devices, location, web sites, applications.
ADVANCED TRAFFIC STEERING combines ActiveLogic’s capabilities with application delivery networking functionality to provide a single application delivery controller solution with unmatched performance and scalability, enabling service chaining with subscriber, service plan, charging, and Layer 7 awareness.
EVENT-BASED TRIGGERS automatically apply policy in response to specified real-time network traffic conditions by dynamically enabling traffic shaping management or filtering.
BGP INTEGRATION enables peering and CDN visibility, including QoE metrics support for Origin-AS and transit analysis.
LAYER 3 ADDRESSABILITY for cloud environments requiring routing protocols through native BGP support.

ActiveLogic is the foundation for Sandvine’s ANI portfolio.
Network based optimisationIntelligently manage traffic on your network according to your needs and priorities
User based optimisationMake sure everyone can always get a minimal service level, no matter what the overall network conditions
Block unwanted contentStop access (or limit it) to websites and services that are not needed or allowed
Control peering costsTake control of your peering costs and make sure the right traffic is going down the right peering link to optimise your costs
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