TCP Accelerator

Improve QoE by taking control of TCP. Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator "TCPA" allows network operators to dramatically improve network efficiency and QoE, without making changes to the network infrastructure.
Key Benefits
  1. Improved Quality of Experience (QoE): Faster data transmissions and increased application performance lead to measurably, consistently better QoE
  2. Increased Network Performance: Higher ratio of goodput to throughput, better resource utilization, reduced retransmissions, and extended legacy infrastructure lifetimes
  3. Increased Revenue Opportunities: End customers tend to use more data when they are enjoying faster, more reliable connections

Sandvine’s TCPA can really have a dramatically positive effect on a network, especially one that is seeing packetloss.

TCP represents between 85% to 90% of fixed access internet traffic, and as much as 96% of mobile traffic, and TCP Accelerator applies acceleration to practically all of it, including:
1. Uploads and downloads: acceleration is applied to upload and download traffic
2. Any application: the default configuration accelerates traffic agnostic of application, protocol, service, etc.
3. Encrypted traffic: with more than 70% of traffic now encrypted, it’s critical that solutions work with encrypted traffic, and TCP Accelerator does
4. HTTP2: fully supported
The only TCP that isn’t accelerated is the traffic that shouldn’t be accelerated. For instance, if the traffic originates from a specialized device (e.g., a sensor or probe) that should be omitted from TCP acceleration, then TCP acceleration is not applied.

The figure shows how packet loss can badly impact the ability of TCP to recover to full throughput. With Sandvine’s TCPA buffering the impact of packetloss, throughput recovers much faster.

TCP Accelerator can be deployed in any type of access network, with any combination of access technologies (e.g., Cable, DSL, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Satellite, WiMAX, etc.).
In mobile networks, TCP Accelerator even supports deployment in shared RAN environments with a Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN).

Blue data shows the optimised retransmission rate, compared to the red unoptimised. This saves retransmissions crossing your entire network and contributes to even high network efficiencies.
Reducing the time to reach available bandwidthHelp TCP get up to maximum speed faster, during the SlowStart phase.
Maintaining available bandwidthConsistently maintain the maximum throughput, by preventing TCP from reacting to noncongestion events.
Adapting to changes in available bandwidthSpeed up and slow down, as needed, in response to dynamic network conditions and events.
Handling packet loss in lastmile networksThere are many ‘natural’ reasons why packets go missing in today’s last-mile networks, and this phenomenon is not limited to wireless access networks. A TCP optimization solution can insulate the sender from these events, preventing unnecessary slowdowns.
Handling congestion in lastmile networksBy preventing excessive queuing, a TCP acceleration solution can keep effective network latency low and can prevent the packet drops that result from buffer overflows.
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