Signal Quality Analyzer-R. MP1900A

Support 400 GbE and PCIe Gen4/5. All-in-One Support for Evaluating Next-Generation NRZ/PAM4 Network Interfaces and High-Speed Serial Buses
  • All-in-one support for both high-speed Ethernet and PCI Express interface tests
  • Easily configured and easy-to-use all-in-one 64-GBaud PAM4 BER measurement system requiring no external equipment
  • Receiver tests are supported by the built-in Protocol Awareness PCIe Link Training and LTSSM analysis functions
  • High-reproducibility measurements due to high waveform quality and high input sensitivity
  • Supports true signal integrity analysis, such as bit error rate measurements, Jitter Tolerance tests, etc.
  • MP1900A series is an 8-slot modular, high-performance BERT supporting all-in-one Physical layer measurements of both high-speed network interfaces as NRZ and PAM4, and PCI Express/USB, bus interfaces. The all-in-one design is ideal for early stage R&D evaluations of all interfaces covering ext-generation Ethernet networks to bus interconnects.