M-Series Open Line System

Next generation platform for PAM 4 and Coherent DWDM DCI connectivity

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The M-Series platform has two key modes of operation. In the first mode, it operates as an intelligent multiplexer where the DWDM transceiver connects straight from the host equipment to the corresponding port on the M-Series. This method of transporting “alien wavelengths” provides a cost effective plug and play embedded DWDM platform combining the features of a traditional telecom DWDM system with the simplicity and cost advantages of a passive multiplexer. This approach extends the longevity of the embedded DWDM networking approach with longer distance capabilities at higher speed protocols.

In the second mode of operation it can be used as a flexible DWDM multiplexer for any ITU standardized DWDM transponder or muxponder systems. Inputs from such systems as well as embedded DWDM wavelengths can all be used together with the M- Series for optimal networking flexibility. Traditional telecom-based transponder systems used to be the go-to transmission solution because they offer system management and amplification for longer distances. As M-Series has built in channel monitoring, amplification and signal conditioning, these hurdles are removed. So is the need for complicated systems to design, install and maintain. It is also the most compact solution available on the market.

Depending on the type of connectivity required, it can be configured with any combination of EDFAs and DCM modules to handle all protocols up to 100Gbps. Due to this flexibility, each network is configured to its exact requirements. The footprint for the network is drastically reduced as is the required system wiring.

Key Features

Modern management architecture for today’s DCI

Smart Manager is a modern REST based architecture built from the ground up specifically for DCI and is integrated into all DCP modules. In the same way that DCP-M is the simplest open line system on the market to operate, the same applies to the management platform.

  • Modern DCI architecture
  • No TL1 or Hypervisor translation required
  • Small form factor solutions
  • Automated provisioning
  • Industry standard open and customizable APIs
  • REST and CLI architecture
  • Standard and customizable SNMP

  • ETSI form factor
  • Any combination of DWDM transceivers, transponders or muxponders
  • No complex setup and minimal optical fiber knowledge required
  • Completely automatic optical setup, just like using a passive multiplexer
  • Automatic fiber distance measurement and Dispersion Compensation setting
  • Simple and cost effective datacom not telecom platform
  • Modern management architecture based on REST and CLI APIs
  • Easily integrated into any network telemetry systems
  • Modern management architecture for today’s DCI