STINGA Protocol Simulator

UTEL Systems
SS7, SIP & ISDN Simulation
  • SS7 Protocol Simulation over TDM and IP
  • ISDN PRI Protocol Simulation over TDM
  • Generate Real Network Traffic
  • Black Box and White Box Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Security & Penetration Testing
  • Media Testing
  • Parameter Builder
  • Powerful Script Language
  • Conformance Test Suite Framework
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simulator Processes
  • Media Testing
  • SS7 Parameter Builder
  • Conformance Test Suite Framework

STINGA Protocol Simulator simulates realistic network traffic and is an essential tool for network operators and service providers in ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).

STINGA Protocol Simulator is a cost-efficient test tool and performs SS7 protocol simulation over TDM and IP, as well as SCTP simulation, SIP-T simulation and ISDN PRI simulation.


STINGA Protocol Simulator supports functional testing, load & performance testing, security & penetration testing, conformance testing, regression testing, mobile testing and media testing, from prototyping-stage to final product. Testing new services, products, or software versions early in the development phase saves time, prevents errors, and ensures interoperability between network elements. When commercially released and distributed, all new network elements are verified to function in a real network environment and to deliver on its premises.

Generate various traffic conditions

STINGA Protocol Simulator can generate both real network conditions and custom traffic towards specific or all parts of a network. It can also regenerate problems or irregularities that have already occurred in a real network environment. This makes error tracking and searching easier, and customer experience can easily be tested to ensure high quality.

Conformance Test Suite Frameworks are included with STINGA Protocol Simulator. These frameworks contain a large number of test scripts and templates to simulate calls, data traffic etc. towards one or several parts of a network. Test scripts and templates can easily be customized for specific tests.

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