UTEL Deep Packet Inspection

High Performance Packet Capture & Storage Solution

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No doubt, the challenge to test and monitor high‐speed wired, wireless and mobile networks is greater than ever before. Emerging technologies like 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet require powerful solutions for comprehensive testing and monitoring. Applications such as Voice over IP, video streaming, and peer‐to‐peer (P2P) Internet traffic require deeper packet monitoring and inspection.

The SwiftWing SIRIUS product is designed to meet today’s demand for high-speed, high-traffic packet capture in IP networks. SIRIUS is a capture & storing appliance capable of sustaining up to 40 Gbps capture to disk, regardless of packet sizes. No packets will be lost when capturing traffic, even during the most demanding and intensive network conditions wherever a most accurate capture result is needed. Intuitive web-based user interface and responsive look and feel across all your desktop and mobile devices.

SIRIUS is optimized in usability and performance to allow users to focus on working with the network data and not operating the capture appliances.

Key Features

  • 100% capture performance – ensures that no packets are lost
  • Sustaining up to 40 Gbps capture to disk, regardless of packet sizes
  • Offers full capture of data direct to its storage system of up to a massive 3.600 TB
  • RESTful API allows seamless integration with 3rd-party solutions
  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • Intuitive and userfriendly UI for operations and configurations
  • Powerful capture configuration supports packet slicing, file rotation and data protection mechanism
  • Smart hardware filter engine allows robust and flexible filter conditions on network traffic
  • RESTful API for remote access to stored data, PCAP files and statistics. Enables integration with 3rd-party appliances
  • Built-in packet decode display allow viewing of packet data directly in the UI
  • Packet index and search – 7 tuple
  • SNMP traps, remote syslog and internal application log for alerts and security logging
  • Real-time and historical packet statistics and graph display
  • Support 40 Gbps capture to disk regardless of packet size
  • Highly customizable storage configurations
  • Microseconds statistics allow in-depth microburst analysis
  • Supports RADIUS-initiated mirroring
  • Support for Juniper Networks mirror encapsulation (Jmirror)