UTEL Lawful Interception

Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility.

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As a legally sanctioned official access to private communications, Lawful Interception (LI) is a security process in which a service provider or network operator collects and provides Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), regulatory or administrative agencies, and intelligence services with intercepted communications of private individuals or organizations.

STINGA CC Mediator, STINGA IRI Server and STINGA LI Analyzer are parts of a STINGA LEMF (Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility) collecting, analyzing and storing Intercept Related Information (IRI) and Contents of Communications (CC) from Public Telecom Networks (PTN), and providing decoded signaling and media information to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). Standardized Handover Interfaces (HI1, HI2 and HI3) as well as proprietary interfaces between PTN and the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility are supported.

  • IRI decoding & storage
  • CC decoding & storage
  • Signaling & media separation
  • Real-time voice streaming
  • IMS, VoLTE, SIP, H.323 and ISDN
  • PCM, AMR and AMR-WB codecs
  • Mono & stereo sound
  • SMS decoding & storage (7, 8 and 16 bit)
  • Fragmented SMS
  • Protocol signaling decoding