Modular Test Platform

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The Multi-Protocol Analyzer™ (MPA™) platform provides simultaneous, multi-port, multi-protocol, multi-user transport testing from 10M to 400G for Ethernet/IP, OTN & SONET/SDH, and Fibre Channel in a compact rack-mounted platform.

Flexible Test Modules and license options complete the portfolio.

The following test module options are available:

Key Features

  • Simultaneous and Independent Multi-Port, Multi-protocol, & Multi-User testing
  • Compact and environmentally friendly platform with low power and small size footprint for dense application environments
  • Rack mounted system (1U x 19 in chassis)
  • Completely modular and fully customer-maintainable platform designed for 24x7 operations
  • Supports up to 5 pluggable test modules - test modules/ports can be configured independently and operated simultaneously
  • Pluggable 600W AC or 420W-48VDC power supply with redundant DC inputs
  • Pluggable controller modules, and dual redundant cooling modules with fan filter
  • Secure Linux OS
  • Intuitive remote user interface with a simple, consistent setup and workflow across all test modules
  • Fast, simple and reliable CLI test automation supporting all features
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous users - any combination of remote GUI or CLI interface
  • Industry proven Pay-As-You-Go platform allowing test modules to be easily added on-site and new capabilities to be downloaded
  • Significantly reduces the amount of testing equipment, required footprint, and test time

MPM-400G Module

400G Ethernet test solution with native support for emerging CFP8 modules.

MPM-100G Module

Provides advanced 40/100G CFP4 & QSFP28 based testing including support for Ethernet and OTN with deep multiplexing structures and client payload mappings.

MPM-100AR Module

Combines dual port SFP28 based testing for applications including 10/25G Ethernet and 10/16/32G Fibre Channel with a QSFP28 port for advanced 40/100G Ethernet and OTN testing.

MPM-10G Module

Dual Port 10G SFP/SFP+ testing with support for advanced Ethernet/IP, OTN, SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel test capabilities.