Ethernet Speed Testing

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The NET- BOX is an optimized Quality of Experience (QoE) testing platform that offers a low cost, reliable, high performance FPGA-based alternative to expensive high-end laptops often used for enterprise and speed tests. With a multi-test port architecture, with four 1GE, one 2.5GE test and 4 Gbps full line rate capability, the NET-BOX can truly test the limits to verify Quality of Service (QoS) and assure QoE for the ever growing high-speed internet service at and beyond 1 Gbps.

Key Features

V-TEST Throughput Test

The V-TEST feature qualifies network TCP/HTTP protocol performance by testing against a V-TEST HTTP server. Both features can test up to the full line rate depending on the server specifications and limitations. Connection time to the server, data transfer time, line rate throughput rates, and protocol (FTP and HTTP) throughput rates key metrics are reported during the tests.

The V-TEST application is flexible enough to operate in different modes depending on the user preference. VeEX Managed mode, Speedtest Powered mode based on Ookla technology and User Managed mode.

In VeEX Managed mode, the customer’s servers are added to a customer server list that is maintained and managed by VeEX for the end-user’s ease of use and convenience. The full list of server IP addresses or URLs are provided to VeEX. Once added, all the user has to do is select the server from their company list and initiate the test to the selected server.

In Speedtest Powered mode, the test follows Ookla’s methodology and tests to the Speedtest Server Network. In this mode, the test is compatible with Ookla’s protocol/ methodology; it will scan nearby servers in the local market and test to the server with the fastest (lowest latency) response.

In User Managed mode, users are allowed to enter the server IP/URL and save it to a server list that they can maintain and manage on their own.


A common source of customer complaints comes from file transfer speeds not matching the throughput rates guaranteed in the SLA. While many factors affect TCP applications performance, including customer’s operating system hardware performance and settings (TCP window size), carriers need to prove SLA with a test tool that can show TCP performance independent of Operating System or Server limitations and present repeatable reliable results.

The test set V-PERF feature uses RFC6349 test methodology and metrics for qualifying network TCP performance. It offers:

  • Stateful TCP Test at line rate
  • TCP Client Server modes
  • Compatible iPerf Client/Server MTU search per RFC4821
  • Round Trip time measurement
  • Configurable TCP window sizes
  • Multi-window size tests
  • App based client for mobile devices
  • Cost effective: eliminates the need for expensive high-end laptops or complex test equipment for QoE verification in gigabit services
  • V-TEST Throughput Test supports VeEX Mode and Speedtest Powered™ Mode based on Ookla® technology
  • NET-BOX: 4xRJ45 ports for up to 4GE speed and SFP cage for 1GE and 2.5GE copper
  • Simple easy to use graphical UI
  • Inexperienced technicians benefit from built-in intuitive process. Step by step testing process and troubleshooting guide.
  • Always ready to pair on startup
  • QR code for quick and easy pairing
  • Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth® connection methods available
  • Configurable network management settings for connecting through LAN
  • R-Server compatible
  • Fast boot-up time
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous use
  • Supports 1m drop to concrete on all sides
  • Shoulder strap for easy transportation