VeEX WX150

WiFi Air Expert Test Set

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VeEX’s WiFi Air Expert provides the tools for reliable, repeatable install procedures that go beyond RF layer analysis. It provides complete performance testing that measures end user’s experience under traffic load.

The WX150 test set is a compact and lightweight addition to the WiFi Air Expert family. It provides all the tools necessary for WiFi networks discovery, survey, optimization, performance testing and troubleshooting in a compact form factor.

Key Features

  • 8 hours of continuous operation on a full charge
  • Standby and instant wake-up operation
  • Ethernet connectivity and PoE testing
  • Optional dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum analyzer to easily discover and identify WiFi and non-WiFi interference

Network Discovery

The WX150 is equipped with 802.11ac 3x3:3 WiFi capabilities to discover the network’s Access Points, Clients and Channels. With results in table and graphical format, it is easy to scroll through and sort information for quick identification of issues and easy-to-understand picture of co-channel and adjacent channel interferers.

Warning signs alert technicians about AP configuration issues as well as if any measurements go beyond thresholds.

Network Survey

A required step for any installation is to survey the facility for proper coverage with a site walk through. The Air Expert Level tracking function facilitates this step by providing Signal and Noise levels tracking in graphical and table format.

With user configurable thresholds, it is easy to pinpoint where the Signal or Noise levels fall below acceptable quality and ensure site readiness. With a set of pre-configured and configurable location labels, add location information to your measurements to create a full record of the facility walk through.

To ensure that network connectivity is available, the WX150 emulates a client and connects to an AP with customer credentials. The interface allows the technician to review association and authentication status. Network troubleshooting tools Ping and Traceroute verify connectivity to the internet while the ARPWiz application discovers the local network.

Network optimisation

Surveying the RF environment is a good first step for any installation to determine network performance in terms of coverage and connectivity. But real time and bandwidth hungry applications like video and audio streaming, place a traffic load strain on the network that cannot be properly assessed with RF metrics alone. The customer’s true Quality of Experience (QoE) can only be measured with traffic loads simulating an end user’s application data traffic. The WX150 dual-ended upload and download traffic test evaluates the network’s performance under load and measures QoE parameters from an end user’s point of view.

Network troubleshooting

With the WiFi RF frequency bands open for unlicensed use, they are used by many common RF emitting devices including cordless phones, Bluetooth, ZigBee, baby monitors, wireless audio or security systems. All of these devices constitute sources of non-WiFi interference.

Many highly disruptive and intermittent WiFi performance issues can be traced to non-WiFi interferers. But unless technicians are armed with a specialized spectrum analyzer, they will be powerless in detecting these interference sources since traditional WiFi network scanning tools can only discover 802.11 WiFi devices.

  • Supports detection and connection to 802.11a/b/g/n/ac devices
  • Discovers networks and lists Access Points, Clients and Channels in table and graphical format
  • AP detailed capabilities discovery including SSID, BSSID, channels, security, supported data rates, signal and noise levels, co-channel and adjacent APs and associated clients
  • Survey coverage problems with signal and noise levels tracking
  • Analyze Channel usage by utilization and number of APs
  • Discover associated and non-associated WiFi Clients present in the network
  • One button Auto-Test evaluates the health of the WiFi network with analysis of security, coverage, interference, top talkers and connectivity with configurable AP list
  • Connectivity testing with DHCP connection to APs, Ping, Trace Route and ARPWiz
  • Verify network performance with dual ended V-Perf Upload/ Download throughput testing
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000-T and 1000-X ports to verify end-to-end throughput performance