Virtual Tap M-vTAP

Delivering Visibility To Virtual Environments

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The M-vTAP is a software based solution that captures data passing between virtual machines (VMs) and sends traffic to infrastructure monitoring tools of choice. It provides 360° visibility of inter-VM traffic both within and across hypervisors.

M-vTAP comprises of a centralized M-vTAP controller, which can be deployed as VM and manages a set of M-vTAP deployed across several hypervisors. Depending on the hypervisor technology, M-vTAP is deployed in different ways:

  • With OpenStack, it is a lightweight pluggable software component that installs in the hypervisor as an application along with virtual switch;
  • With VMware, it is lightweight and easily installable VM, which requires a negligible amount of system resources.

In both cases M-vTAP has a very small footprint, thus allowing service providers to retain system resources for the VMs/VNFs hosted in the systems.

M-vTAP can replicate all VM traffic without interrupting the regular VM traffic streams or adding additional processing overheads to hypervisor and sends the traffic to any monitoring tools of choice. It is pre-integrated with OpenStack Orchestration software and provides OpenStack users a capability to orchestrate VMs and virtual network monitoring from a single dashboard.

M-vTAP works in conjunction with existing physical network visibility solutions, thus supporting existing hybrid networking environments where both physical and virtual components co-exist.

Key Features

  • Enables 360° visibility of VMs traffic
  • Supports traffic isolation at VM and tenant level with VxLAN, GRE, and VLAN Tunneling encapsulation
  • Advanced traffic segregation option for trouble shooting, as it can clearly segregate ingress direction and egress direction
  • Advanced traffic filtering capabilities, based on MAC, ARP, MPLS, IP, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ICMP
  • Support for Openstack KVM and VMware ESXi
  • Pre-integrated with OpenStack orchestration software
  • Supports one touch deployment with zero downtime, with no hypervisor kernel update required


  • Enables full traffic visibility while
  • retaining complete system resources for hosting VMs.Scales as the network grows
  • Consumes less than 2% CPUutilization per hypervisor
  • Optimized monitoring using
  • multi-level traffic filtering
  • Complements existing physicaltaps
  • Provides centralised control with single dashboard for VMs orchestration and monitoring
  • Enables SLA compliance and trouble-shooting.
  • Provides proactive threat detection enabling full packet analysis.