Virtual Tap M-vTAP
Microtel Innovations
Delivering visibility to virtual environments
  • Enables full traffic visibility while
  • Retain complete system resources for hosting VMs.
  • Scales as the network grows
  • Consumes less than 2% CPU utilization per hypervisor
  • Optimized monitoring using
  • multi-level traffic filtering
  • Complements existing physical taps
  • Provides centralised control with single dashboard for VMs orchestration and monitoring
  • Enables SLA compliance and trouble-shooting.
  • Provides proactive threat detection enabling full packet analysis.

The M-vTAP, is a software network visibility solution that provides complete visibility of VM traffic in virtual computing environments. It allows telco operators to access east-west and north-south traffic in virtual deployments, and tunnel it to either physical or virtual monitoring tools.

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