Worker (OTDR Link Analysis Software)

Time-saving, easy-to-setup management tool for measuring fibre links
  • Accelerate training with lightweight, user-friendly software
  • Auto-compare fiber links for better data analysis
  • Auto-diagnose cable faults
  • Import and export data to any compatible meter
  • Search up to 1,000 saved links by location, ID, wavelength, and more
  • Use with Deviser AE1000/2200 or AE3100 optical test platforms

The recent expansion of FTTH service has pushed fiber construction and maintenance tasks to new heights, requiring ever more personnel to keep pace. New maintenance techs need extensive training to use and interpret conventional OTDR test methods. A faster, more user-friendly analysis tool is needed to speed up onboarding and reduce OPEX.

The Worker software for Deviser OTDRs is a time-saving, easy-to-setup management tool for measuring fiber links. It improves upon traditional test methods by auto-comparing a measured link to a saved reference link. Test results are clear, instant, and readable by new and veteran technicians alike. Search, edit, or transfer link history at any time.