Use built in, configurable DDoS attack vectors to test resilience to DDoS attack in a controlled manner. 

Ensure resilience through scalable exploit generation and testing

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can target any application or service that is reachable from the internet.

Web servers, DNS servers, routers, session border controllers, and many other services are constantly subject to attack. Identifying and mitigating these attacks is done using on-premises solutions, cloud-based solutions, or a hybrid solution combing both. DDoS mitigation is not static.

With the power, sophistication, and frequency of DDoS attacks rising, DDoS mitigation must continually evolve in order to protect against the latest attack scenarios. But how can you be sure you are protected? Waiting for an attack to happen to test your resilience is a risky proposition


While you may expect it to be difficult to install, test and manage high speed optical interconnects, our range of Open Line Systems offer unparalleled ease of use. Instead of requiring hours or days of configuration and commissioning, turning up a high-speed data centre inter-connect can be accomplished in just a few minutes.



Verify DDoS Attack Resilience Before an Attack Happens