Network analytics across multiple office sites

Large enterprises operate complex and security conscious networks across multiple sites and often across national borders.   With this network complexity comes testing and monitoring complexity.  We need to start with the basic network analytics requirements we discussed here, which is principally a solution that analyses and records critical parameters such as :

  • Applications being used like Facebook, WebEx, video, VoIP
  • End users overall usage (to find the top users / abusers)
  • Packetloss
  • Jitter
  • Latency
  • Examine traffic from particular origins and countries

Additionally the following issues need to be considered for larger, more complex multi-site networks:

  • Inter-site connectivity
  • Much higher throughputs, 10G interfaces
  • Cloud to site performance
  • Datacentre connectivity
  • Network visibility from a centralised Operations location

For a complete troubleshooting solution, two further aspects are vital:

  • Being able to see real time traffic analysis for ongoing incidents
  • Quickly recalling specific historical data to analyse reported issues

Aside from troubleshooting, network visibility gives those responsible for managing the network, the planning tools needed to get ahead of issues, especially relating to capacity. By examining peaks and any associated packetloss, new capacity can be planned, purchased and deployed, before end users notice bottlenecks

The 3000 series includes built in GE and 10G interfaces.

Allegro 3000 Network Multimeter

With 10G and GE interfaces, capable of 40Gbps throughput, the 3000 series can handle most Enterprise traffic requirements.

Allegro Packets

To help solve all the above issues in a multi-site enterprise environment, Frame recommends Allegro Packets Network Multimeter Range.  The Allegro 1000 and 3000 ranges are especially suited to large enterprises requiring 10G connectivity. These can of course be used in conjunction with the smaller 200 and 500 units that cover small offices.

Network Operations can remotely connect to the Allegro boxes and perform real time and historical fault finding at remote locations, as if they were there. 

  • Compare WebEx performance between offices
  • Track down issues impacting the whole network down to individuals in remote offices
  • Setup remote captures
  • Avoid site visits

Why we love Allegro for troubleshooting multi-site networks

  1. Connect to Allegro units remotely
  2. Stores analytic data in memory for near instant recall – fast to find the issue.
  3. Burst Analysis down to millisecond granularity – find temporary congestion that other solutions miss.
  4. Answer questions like “Why is WebEx not working well now?” or “Why was Zoom poor last Tuesday at 3pm in the Manchester office?”
  5. Connect inline or on a network tap / mirror port.
  6. Examine DNS performance.
  7. Detailed view of Packetloss, jitter, response times and much more
  8. Alarm on thresholds you set, such as packet loss above 2%, jitter above 10ms.
  9. Report generation built in
  10. No user data is stored, GDPR friendly.

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