Control the volume and impact of Windows update traffic on your network to protect the user experience

Controlling Windows update traffic on your network

An office with multiple Windows™ users can generate huge and dangerous spikes in traffic caused by regular Windows updates and security patches.  

Patch Tuesday”, the second Tuesday of each month, is a date Network operators need to be aware of.  Microsoft pushes out OS and Office updates, usually at 6pm UK time.  These patches can be cumulative, so inevitable grow month on month, since they include ALL previous patches.  Other patches are incremental, but can still be 0.5Gbytes in size or more. 

Microsoft is trying its best to optimise how these downloads are pushed out, but of course overall network traffic load also depends on urgent security patches and other critical third party updates.

The protocol in use by Microsoft, BITS, will try and use any available idle bandwidth. When this is a shared resource in an office, it can have a bad impact on other competing services such as Zoom, WebEx and such like.

Shaping Windows update traffic

The ideal way to protect your enterprise network from regular unintended degradation by Microsoft, is to have a solution in place that identifies and can limit the bandwidth it takes to a safe level.

Further improvements are to have different rate limits for different user groups, so not all users will be updating at the same time. This can help ease any additional load on support teams.


To meet the requirements above, Frame recommends Sandvine’s ActiveLogic solution. A hierarchy of shaping rules, gives ultimate control over the Windows update traffic.  Critical business traffic can be protected from being overwhelmed by the updates and productivity is enhanced.  

Sandvines ActiveLogic solution is placed inline, to analyse and control the traffic in your network.

Why we love Sandvine for Windows updates control

  1. Proven to protect the user experience.
  2. Highly flexible rules based solution.
  3. Shape traffic as required.
  4. Different rules can apply to different user groups, or network wide.
  5. Enhance with time based rules to push updates out of office hours.
  6. COTS based commodity hardware.
  7. Real time and historical data available.

Please contact Frame to find out more and to arrange your free trial today.

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