Expedite your FTTH deployments, improve network quality and reduce failure rates with our innovative splicer range.

Reduce the need for site revisits with all-in-one splicing tools.


is the reported failure rate on field fit connectors from Network Service Providers deploying FTTH.

This represents a massive cost and a huge risk to any FTTH deployment.

Using our innovative range of all-in-splicers and fibre deployment tools mitigates this risk by reducing the failure rates when using discrete tools to deploy fibre in the field.

KF4A All-In-One Splicer For FTTx

The KF4A all in one splicer is an ideal tool to expedite FTTx deployments. Combining stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and protector fitting in a single easy to use device.

The ease of use of the device ensures a high-quality splice and reduces the number of re-visits to site based on the need for rework.

Expedite a successful FTTP deployment

Reduce site visits for rework with easy to use deployment tools.



Dual Port Fibre Optic Connector Inspection System


Robotic Fibre Switch, automating the physical layer