Manufacturing ATE
High speed scopes and BERTs that form an integrated extension to Advantest's V93000 ATE tester.
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These leading-edge BERT and SCOPE modules feature 50 GHz bandwidths, enabling the expansion of digital and analogue validation and production testing capabilities up to 112 Gbps (PAM4) with the Advantest V93000 ATE tester.

AT4025 Oscilloscope for Advantest 93K

Electrical Sampling Oscilloscope for Advantest 93K platform | 4 channels


AT4039D 200G BERT

4-channel | 28 Gbaud PAM & NRZ | 200G BERT | Advantest 93K Platform |


AT4039E 400G BERT

4-Channel 56 GBd PAM & NRZ | 400G BERT


AT4039EML 400G BERT with EML

4-Channel | 56 Gbaud PAM4 & NRZ | Bit Error Ratio Tester 400G | Integrated EML Laser Driver |SE


AT4079B 8 Channel 400G BERT

8-Channel 28GBd PAM4 & NRZ | 400G BERT


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