Spirent CloudStress

Validate your virtualized infrastructure
  • Web-based application runs on any popular browser and operating system
  • Simulate physical footprint of any virtual machine to help define the right infrastructure
  • Ability to compare and contrast the health of multiple clouds
  • Improve predictability and performance of virtual infrastructure
  • Ability to isolate the problem between VMs and the infrastructure and validate VM resiliency to faults
  • Performance, capacity based methodologies and Interactive mode for CPU, Memory, Storage and Network I/O
  • Automation and third-party integration using REST APIs
  • New web application targeted to users looking for an easy way to verify their NFV and cloud infrastructures.
  • Ideal for Enterprise, NEMs, and Carriers-focused testing, for those planning to deploy private or public cloud services.
  • Incredibly simple user inter-face for test creation, for users looking to find a less complex, easier-to-use application compatible with Spirent hardware,

The need to achieve predictability, resiliency and fault isolation in your Virtualized infrastructure is at its peak. Spirent CloudStress is a synthetic workload generator that can simulate physical footprint of any virtual machine to help validate your NFVi or cloud deployments.

Spirent CloudStress is a web application that enables you to achieve predictability, resiliency and fault isolation in virtualized infrastructure. At its core, CloudStress is a synthetic workload generator that helps validate Enterprise VMs, VNFs and NFV / Cloud infrastructures by dynamicallygenerating configurable simulated VM, VNFs or container to model various application loads.

VM profiles created in CloudStress deliver highly accurate and precise load generation capabilities. Simulated workloads include CPU, Memory I/O, Storage I/O and Network I/O dimensions on the infrastructure bringing realism to the test and validation. CloudStress dashboard will provide

you with real-time stats and analytics which would help on improving the underlying infrastructure. The interactive (noisy neighbor) feature helps youto manually change the configuration of the dimensions and see its impact on the underlying infrastructure. You can also achieve automation and third- party integration using REST APIs.

With CloudStress web application, the tests are 100% repeatable and the realistic profiles can be scaled to your needs as applicable to cloud and NFVapplications. The multi-dimensional testing compared to uni-dimensional helps in improving predictability by performing virtualized infrastructure tests.

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