AT4025 Oscilloscope for Advantest 93K

Electrical Sampling Oscilloscope for Advantest 93K platform | 4 channels
  • Up to 100 MHz sampling rate
  • Less than 5 seconds TDECQ on a SSPRQ pattern
  • Fast pattern capture and DSP thanks to an FPGA-based architecture
  • An extensive library of built-in DSP filters such as Bessel-Thomson, CTLE, DFE, FFE, de- embedding and component emulation, all available free of charge in the standard GUI.
  • User-writable calibration constants
  • Can be calibrated up to the DUT to include losses of test fixtures and cables
  • Built-in standard masks library
  • A complete set of APIs and multiple
  • SmarTest sample code to speed up integration

The AT4025 is a fully featured, cost effective four channels equivalent time sampling oscilloscope. It can be configured to have an analog bandwidth of 32 or 50 GHz. The memory depth is 256 MSamples. Samples are 16-bit.

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