Spirent Umetrix

User Experience Evaluation for Video, Data and Voice
  • Use a Consistent Test Approach on any Mobile Device.
  • Manage the Measurement Process Centrally.
  • Define Realistic Use Cases.
  • Connect up to 12 UEs plus a scanning receiver.
  • Supports any network type: LTE-A, LTE, CDMA / EVDO, WCDMA / HSPA+ / GSM / EDGE.
  • VoLTE testing
  • Collect layer 1 and layer 3 data.
  • Real-time mapping with trace lines to the serving cell sector.
  • Simple multi-floor in-building network characterization.
  • Full playback capability and one-click synchronization.
  • Collect LTE-A data on the primary and secondary bands.
  • Includes MIMO Testing.
  • Objectively measure the user experience of data services with a unified approach across all major mobile OS platforms and PCs.
  • Capture device diagnostic data (Real-Time Test Metrics, or RTTM) such as RF signal and bearer to enrich voice, data and multi-service experience analysis.
  • Efficiently measure user experience, manage configuration and analyze test results across large numbers of devices.
  • Pre-test devices to accelerate Spirent Fit4Launch submissions and carrier acceptance.
  • Measure in the lab or the live network.
  • Evaluate the user experience of voice services in a live 5G network using actual consumer mobile devices.
  • Correlate RF and signaling information with voice and call QoE metrics for up to 12 devices simultaneously.
  • Assess the launch readiness of voice and data services for 5G, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, OTT and more.
  • Execute Umetrix Data test campaigns with logging to collect layer 1 and layer 3 data to determine possible sources of application throughput bottlenecks.

The Umetrix platform accelerates device acceptance, service launch readiness and optimization/benchmarking processes by automating data collection, analysis and reporting workflows. Evaluate user experience of video, data and voice using any device, operating system or network.

Umetrix Data (formerly Datum) evaluates user experience for any major device and any data service including Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G. It enablesmanagement of application configuration, automatic upload of test results and reporting via the centralized, cloud-based or lab-based, Umetrix Data Server. The Umetrix Data Server also provides enhanced reporting and project tracking.

Umetrix Data (Datum), efficiently measures the user experience of data services. Evaluate user experience with a unified approach across all major mobile OS platforms and access technologies including LTE, Wi-Fi, and now 5G.

The Umetrix Voice Quality of Experience (QoE) solution now has the ability to provide air interface logging and analysis capabilities, which are critical in the quest to implement new 5G services and devices. Close integration with Umetrix Data creates a powerful combination that enables users to better understand and triage the root cause of problems that impact the user experience of voice due to 5G mobile services and significantly shortens time to problem resolution.

Creating and running multiple test iterations on mobile devices can be tedious and time-consuming. The Umetrix Playback app provides easy, graphical scripting and full automation on Android devices to simulate user interaction for more efficient QoE testing.

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