Multi-function appliance for SMB network visibility & monitoring.
  • Versatile device with multiple software options to fill many roles
  • Built-in tapping and aggregation
  • Local Packet Capture and Analysis
  • NetFlow generation and collector
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Advanced Network Packet Broker
  • Supports third-party software and custom applications
  • Network appliance supporting multiple roles
  • Aggregation TAP
  • Advanced Network Packet Broker
  • DPI Probe
  • Capture appliance

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The Omnia 10 is a multi-function network appliance perfect for SMBs, branch offices, and remote deployments.

By pairing a unique hardware feature-set with functions from Cubro’s PacketMaster, SessionMaster, and AppMaster feature stacks, the Omnia 20 can take on the roles of an Aggregation TAP, Advanced Network Packet Broker, DPI Probe, Capture appliance, and more.

The Omnia 10 features 8 1GbE copper interfaces with builtin bypass capability that supports fail-safe tapping of up to 4 bidirectional links. It also features 2 10GbE SFP+ interfaces. A quad-core ARMv8 CPU and 16GB of memory provide ample processing capability while a 1TB M.2 SSD, mini-PCI slot, two USB 3.0 type A connectors, and a MicroSD card slot provide expansion and connectivity options. The Omnia 10 is an affordable, high-performance, customizable network appliance with a unique design and flexible feature set. The Cubro Omnia 10 is the only network visibility probe of its kind in the market due to its compact size, built-in TAP, and powerful CPU, all at a compelling price.

Aggregation TAPThe Omnia 10 supports fail-safe tapping of up to four copper links. The traffic from these links can then be aggregated to the 10G interfaces for output to monitoring and security tools. Alternatively, the 1G copper interfaces can be used as inputs for traffic feeds from SPAN or Mirror ports or a combination of tapping and SPAN inputs. For easier analysis, it is possible to push VLAN tags per input port to identify the traffic’s ingress port.
Traffic Capture and AnalysisThe Omnia 10 can capture traffic directly from tapped links or SPAN ports directly to disk. A rolling capture dashboard allows the user to navigate through the historical capture data and drill down to the traffic of interest using various filters and real-time feedback such as IP addresses, protocols, and ports present in the selected traffic. PCAP files can be extracted and downloaded for analysis or opened directly on the device using WebShark, a web-based protocol analyser.
Deep Packet InspectionThe Omnia 10 is capable of performing Deep Packet Inspection using Cubro’s custom DPI engine. Ever-increasing amounts of encrypted network traffic has created a situation where IP address and port numbers are no longer sufficient for identifying traffic and what protocols are in use. Cubro’s DPI engine can identify 4000 different applications, even when they are ciphered, providing invaluable information to analytics, policy enforcement, and security tools.
Advanced Network Packet BrokerThe Omnia 10 can be utilized as a full-featured advanced network packet broker incorporating the functions of Cubro’s PacketMaster and SessionMaster feature stacks. Such functions include aggregation, traffic replication, filtering, header stripping, active tunnel termination, load-balancing, deduplication, and much more.
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