Transmission network testers
Powerful network tests making it easy to test complex, multi-service high-speed networks up to 400Gb/s

Increasing network speeds have required the use of ever more complex signalling technologies and specialist transceivers. Deploying and testing these networks and the technologies they use can be kept simple with the appropriate test devices.

Commissioning and maintaining carrier transmission networks is easy with the Anritsu Network Master testers. These multi-functional, portable testers support multiple test modules so that engineers can every test needed to deploy the network with just a single tester.

In addition to supporting multi-service high-speed testing modules for 100Gbit/s and 400Gbit/s, optical testing and OTDR testing is available through the addition of suitable test modules.

MT1000A Network Master Pro

Portable tester supporting 10/100G Ethernet, PDH, SDH, OTN, Sync, OTDR and CPRI testing for frontal and backhaul applications.

Network Master Pro 400G

Worlds smallest dual-port 400G tester supporting speeds up to 400G with direct QSFP-DD and OSFP transceiver modules.