EM9N Broadband Electromagnetic Field Meter

Discover the Future of EMF Testing
  • High efficiency EMF monitoring than traditional methods
  • Built-in GPS/GSNN receiver, electronics compass, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Scenic and surrounding view with built-in HD camera
  • Operation procedure and log with geographical information
  • Optional 4G SIM card to capture base station ID
  • Auto-generation of drive test data
  • User-defined measurement templates
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB-C communication interface
  • Screen capture and measurement recording for public/environment safety law enforcement
  • Cloud based server upload and integration

Introducing the EM9N, a state-of-the-art Broadband Electromagnetic Field Meter designed to redefine efficiency and precision in EMF monitoring. This advanced tool surpasses traditional monitoring methods, offering an unparalleled blend of accuracy and integration.

At the heart of the EM9N is its high-efficiency EMF monitoring capability, ensuring detailed and reliable measurements. Its sophisticated design incorporates a built-in GPS/GNSS receiver and an electronic compass, enhancing accuracy in location tracking and orientation for comprehensive field analysis.

Environmental awareness is a key feature of the EM9N. Integrated temperature and humidity sensors provide a complete understanding of the environmental conditions accompanying each measurement. This holistic approach extends to its visual capabilities, with a built-in HD camera that captures the scenic and surrounding views, adding vital context to your EMF data.

The EM9N excels in data integration and reporting. Every operation log is enriched with geographical information, offering a detailed and location-specific analysis. For enhanced connectivity, the device supports an optional 4G SIM card, allowing for the capture of base station IDs and enriching data collection during field tests.

Efficiency is paramount in the EM9N’s design. The auto-generation of drive test data streamlines the process of gathering comprehensive EMF information, especially over larger areas. Users can also customize their measurement experience with user-defined templates, tailoring the monitoring to specific requirements or regulatory standards.

Communication and data transfer are seamless, thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB-C interfaces. Additionally, the screen capture and measurement recording features are invaluable for public and environmental safety law enforcement, ensuring compliance and documentation.

Finally, the EM9N offers cloud-based server upload and integration, simplifying data management and facilitating real-time analysis and reporting. This integration not only enhances the user experience but also ensures that data is accessible and secure.

With the EM9N Broadband Electromagnetic Field Meter, step into a new era of EMF monitoring where precision, integration, and efficiency come together to offer an unparalleled monitoring experience.

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