Compact Ergonomic Optical Fibre Cleaver designed to enable effortless operations.
Optical Fibre Cleaver OFC-25
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to use, 2 step operation
  • Creates a 90-degree cleaving angle
  • Simplified blade adjustment and replacement
  • Includes a fibre scrap collector
  • Robust and shock resistant

The OFC-25 optical fibre cleaver is compact and easy to use.  Achieve clean and precise fibre cleaves with the OFC-25 High-Performance Optical Fibre Cleaver. Ideal for fusion splicing and other applications, the cleaver ensures optimal performance with its accurate cleaving technique.

Additionally, the OFC-25 has a built-in fibre scrap collector which can collect fibre scraps.

For detailed information, check out the product data sheet.

Data sheet
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