Cubro Vitrum

Network management software

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For network monitoring experts and network administrators using Cubro Packetmasters who want centralised control of multiple Cubro Packetmasters and enhance the efficiency of the business, the Cubro Vitrum is a versatile network management software that offers network topology visualisation. The software can manage the scaling network architecture by providing features like single-click upgrades and backups, flexible visual overview, multiple customizable network overview map (logical, real-world, any way you want, various views on the same devices) and flexible drawing tools for the map and visual overview. The software provides a collaborative platform for multiple users to work at the same time. Unlike other centralised management software, the Vitrum can control - update, restore and backup multiple Cubro Packetmaster devices, and provide statistics and health overview.

Key Features

Cubro Vitrum is a server-based network management software. The visualisation of the software platform gives a better overview of the network and its traffic.The batch backup, upgrade and the error centre allows for easy management of Cubro’s devices. Additionally, it is also capable of including third-party tools in the visualisations. Kibana and Grafana integration enable the user to create and customise graphical dashboards that show all the necessary information at one glance.

Using the Cubro Vitrum can help the network operators and security operators to trace back the production network interfaces that are detected to be at fault and as a result cut down on the mean time to resolution (MTTR). The network visualisation map allows you to see the network topology at one glance. You can arrange devices, images and simple drawing shapes to visualise your network. Cubro Vitrum enables you to keep track of all your devices easily. No need to remember IP addresses, just one click forwards you to the management website of that device. You can also assign names and notes to every device and port and readily see what every piece of network equipment does.

Built-in Grafana and Kibana integration allow you to create customised dashboards that display exactly the information that you need. Both Grafana and Kibana have access to all counters and other data gathered from the devices. Want to show the difference between all ingress port counters and the egress counters of the aggregated output to see if you are losing packets? No problem! Want to have a graph showing the uptime of your devices? Easily done!

  • Centralized management platform for network visibility solutions
  • Inventory database
  • Interactive network topology map
  • Easier troubleshooting
  • Visually extract relevant information
  • Reduce monitoring costs
  • Customizable counter and statistics visualizations
  • Batch backup and upgrade
  • Error notifications
  • Instant remote collaboration