Spirent Vertex

Radio Frequency (RF) and Wi-Fi Channel Emulation. Address critical and complex radio communications
  • Scalability
  • Modularity
  • High Channel Density in a Compact Space
  • Remote Programming Interface (RPI)
  • Comprehensive Channel Modeling Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Basic SISO or 2x2 MIMO testing
  • High channel density applications
  • MIMO beamforming − MIMO OTA
  • Carrier aggregation − Massive MIMO
  • Antenna array systems
  • Device Conformance
  • Virtual Drive Test
  • Mesh networks

The Spirent Vertex® Channel Emulator is a versatile platform that offers unprecedented scalability while supporting emulation of many channel models. The simple plug-and-play design is built to test a broad number of applications that require varying channel densities. Supported applications range from basic two-channel SISO to complex, high-density scenarios needed to prepare for 5G, such as 3- and 4-component carrier aggregation, higher order MIMO OTA, and 3D bidirectional beamforming.

The Vertex® channel emulator is an advanced platform that replicates the comprehensive noise and spatial conditions of even the most complex wireless channels. Its cutting edge capabilities enable users to emulate a real-world RF environment in the lab, making it possible to isolate and identify performance issues early in the development cycle.

Vertex is backed by a long history of channel emulation leadership and industry-recognized expertise. Incorporating a modular RF front end with a powerful signal processing core, the Vertex channel emulator achieves an unprecedented level of scalability and flexibility, enabling it to efficientlyaddress a broad range of applications from low channel density like SISO or 2×2 MIMO to high channel density required for 5G scenarios, such as MIMO beamforming, MIMO OTA, carrier aggregation, massive MIMO and antenna array systems (AAS).

Easy to set up and operate, Vertex includes Spirent’s industry-recognized user- friendly graphical user interface that allows measurements to be set up and performed quickly and accurately, without error.

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