Spirent Landslide

Core Network Validation for 5G, LTE, IMS, Wi-Fi and Diameter
  • TCL Interface allows the user to control/monitor the Landslide from a higher-level management system.
  • Realistic, real-world simulations.
  • Simultaneous control and user plane
  • Unmatched scalability
  • Standard Web browser interface means no need to load software onto user equipment
  • Emulation of multiple network elements
  • Automation control
  • MME Nodal Testing
  • Intra-LTE Mobility
  • Inter-Technology/I-RAT Mobility
  • Validate system scalability and identify capacity limits.
  • • Measure control plane capacity
  • • Stress data plane performance
  • • Perform Intra-LTE and I-RAT mobility testing
  • • Characterize system before trial/delivery
  • • Identify performance ceilings
  • • Busy hour Call Attempt Testing

Landslide products emulate network functions and control and data plane traffic for millions of subscribers consuming IMS and over-the-top services in 5G, LTE, GSM, UMTS, eHRPD and Wi-Fi networks.

The Landslide LTE MME Test Application provides testing of the MME, or combined MME and SGSN, in both end-to-end and nodal configurations. Landslide emulates the UEs and eNodeB accessing the LTE network, and optionally emulates SGSN, GGSN, and HSGW for I-RAT mobility testing. Landslide will also emulate the Internet or network host to which the subscribers will connect and pass data. In this configuration the LTE network core control and data plane performance can be validated and measured.

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