Spirent Velocity

Lab as a Service Platform (LaaS)
  • Just-in-Time Resource Reservation:
  • - Reserve resources when needed and release them when no longer needed, even when the test is still running.
  • Interactive Workflow Automation:
  • - Create automation workflows and scripts, test them, sync, publish and share with other teams via popular tools such as Git.
  • Abstract Resources:
  • - Allows common resources to be pooled, so that the platform can automatically select resources that meet testbed requirements.
  • Consolidate multiple labs in different locations into a web-accessible resource, shared by all teams.
  • Accelerate time to market for new products & services by:
  • — Performing testing activities such as test bed setup 300x faster
  • — Expanding testing capacity with 24/7 remote access to test bed resources
  • Reduce the time spent managing lab resources by 30%, saving millions in Opex annually.
  • Improve lab Capex efficiency by 350% by sharing resources efficiently.
  • Reduce energy use by 60% by automatically powering down unused equipment

Spirent Velocity is the most complete and automated LaaS solution. It orchestrates physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. It empowers DevOps workflows with continuous testing across multiple testbeds. Velocity cuts both capital and operating expenses via maximized equipment utilization, reduced test bed setup time, actionable management information, and minimized power consumption.

The Velocity Framework is the ideal platform for you to build on top of. It employs four ‘Build it Smart’ (BIS) imperatives, modular design, and REST API, to straightforwardly integrate into your existing DevOps tool chain.

Network test labs face urgent but conflicting drivers to accelerate testing, ensure quality and reduce costs. The Velocity Lab as a Service platform addresses all these needs by enabling multiple labs to be consolidated into a single, web-accessible resource which relies on automation to accelerate testing, reduce manual effort and maximize lab equipment utilization. Network equipment manufacturers and service providers who have adoptedVelocity experience transformative benefits including radically faster test cycles and time to market, millions in Opex and Capex savings and reduced energy usage.

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