SessionMaster EXA40

Layer 7 packet broker for metro and datacentre applications
  • High performance appliance offering layer 7 packet handling
  • Can decode protocols like a probe
  • Keyword and regular expression search
  • Load balancing GTPv1 and GTPv2 traffic
  • Keyword filtering (IMSI filtering)
  • Keyword filtering (called party filtering on SIP)
  • General keyword filtering
  • Session-aware load balancing
  • GB & IUPS filtering & load balancing

The EXA40 Sessionmaster is a multifunctional network appliance. It combines a layer 4 network packet broker with one or two high performance multicore CPUs (see drawing).

The EXA40 understands network protocols, not only by the port number but can also decode protocols similar to a Probe. This feature is vital to do keyword and regular expression search and to produce useful results. The Sessionmaster EXA40 Series focuses on the mobile core network, metropolitan area network (MAN), and Internet data center (IDC) big data monitoring.

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