Spirent iTest

Test as a Service Automation Platform (Python-based Network Automation and Verification IDE).
  • Python-Based: Rapidly create, reuse and publish Python and Robot Framework automation content from a unified development environment.
  • Live Interaction: Real-time development and troubleshooting of network and test automation with any device, application, or system.
  • Record and Playback: Create automation scripts by capturing every action during a manual test and replaying the captured steps.
  • Portable Automation Format: Develop and export automated tests for use in any environment including lab, staging and production networks.
  • Response Mapping: This patented feature automatically parses complex device messages to extract the key information.
  • Leverage existing automation: Enhance the value of your existing Python, Robot, Bash and PowerShell content by importing them via ‘File -> Import’
  • Python-based platform for automation developers and network engineers.
  • Abstract the complexity of hybrid networks to create robust Python and Robot automation and verification applications.
  • Easily convert manual network configurations and testing workflows into secure distributable automation applications, API libraries and keywords.
  • Integrated system analysis w/ customizable reports for actionable verification.
  • Portable Automation Format accelerating deployments from lab to production.

Spirent iTest delivers a fully automated Python-based Network Automation and Verification IDE authoring and execution solution. Using iTest, manual testers and automation specialists produce automated and reusable tests quickly and efficiently. This empowers continuous testing within the development cycle to dramatically increase bug detection rates prior to product release or service production deployment.

Spirent iTest was created to simplify the complexities presented by heterogeneous networks by allowing development and operations teams to rapidly create portable automation within an agnostic network automation development framework.

Spirent iTest delivers the first ever unified Interactive Development Environment for Python, Robot and iTest users. This release provides the optimal environment for creating modern network automation and verification applications. Our innovative Portable Automation Format (PAF) simplifies automation and adoption by enabling developers to leverage their automated applications for both lab and production use. Spirent iTest highly productive Record-Playback and patented Response Mapping are available within Python and Robot development environments.

Business Benefits

• Single solution for both lab and production environments: automate, verify and seamlessly deploy from lab to production

• Speed up time to market using reusable automation libraries for Python and Robot • Improve efficiency with built-in DevOps workflows and sharing of environments

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