Opale Systems
Voice quality test system for voice engineers and support teams
  • Voice Quality Of Experience - Delivers true and objective Voice quality perceived by end users
  • Standards Based Analysis - Repeatable and accurate measurements based on international standards (PESQ, POLQA®).
  • Universal - Unparalleled interoperability allows call performance testing between any end points in analogue, digital, mobile or IP domains
  • Test Design Flexibility - Automation engine enables to create any test you need. Your imagination is your only limit.
  • Smart Analytics - Full drill-down and detailed graphical analysis help resolve problems quickly
  • Seamless Integration - Comprehensive API enables you to automate MultiDSLA from anywhere, by any application, at any level
  • Scalable Architecture - Modular, Scalable Architecture makes it usable from the product Lab environment to Enterprise Network Operations

MultiDSLA solution is a state of the art measurement system for Voice Quality Testing and Performance Assessment used by many organisations as the reference measurement in applications ranging from core technology development to network operations.

In addition to objective and undisputable voice quality scores such as PESQ & POLQA MOS, MultiDSLA offers smart analytics and key performance indicators to help you identify the root cause of distortions in the degraded voice signal:

  • Network impairments : one-way delay, packet loss, jitter buffer behaviour and echo,
  • Speech & Noise level,
  • Codec distortion,
  • Voice activity detector (VAD) performance,
  • Call setup analysis,
  • DTMF sequences,
  • And many more!

The MultiDSLA Controller centrally automates call set up and measurements between any MultiDSLA Nodes in your voice network. Tests occur according to a pre-defined schedule or on demand with a simple to use graphical representation of the network.  MultiDSLA offers unrivalled ease of use and can perform the most complex test processes, controlling 100+ Nodes.

The MultiDSLA Nodes are capable of generating voice signals at any level, and measure the key performance indicators configurable via the controller. Any selection of node types can be configured. The user interface is consistent and the test process remains identical, regardless of which node types are being used, making the system easy to learn, easy to use and supremely flexible.

Configure a system for your test application – VoIP service to analogue PBX, mobile to PRI, soft phone to POTS, BRI to Bluetooth, and so on.

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