AT4039B-JIT 100G BERT with Jitter

4-Lane BERT | 28 Gbps NRZ
  • Low cost, instrument-grade BERT optimised for high speed data analysis and JTOL of 100G transceivers.
  • The wide range of bitrate coverage allows physical testing for Ethernet, HDMI 2, USB 3.1, PCIe, Fiber-Channel and others.
  • Ability to tune the bit rate in very fine steps to facilitate finding the locking margin.
  • Supports user-defined patterns.
  • Adaptive equaliser and channel IL estimator > 10 dB (FFE+DFE).
  • Control of CTLE slider channel by channel
  • Quadruple port CDR, being able to recover the supported rates.

The AT4039B-JIT is a full feature four-lane differential 100 Gb/s NRZ BERT that covers bitrates of 1.25 to 28.125 Gbps. AT4039B-JIT enables jitter tolerance testing with sinusoidal jitter injection up to 100 MHz.

The GUI makes it possible to individually control each TX level. The user may also inject error sequences into the stream. The receiver features a combination of DFE and FFE equalization that compensates for up to 30 dB of loss at Nyquist and a CTLE equalizer with 10 dB dynamic range.

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