BOX-38: Semi-anechoic chamber

38" portable anechoic chamber with high isolation.
  • Complete isolation from outside interference
  • 20 dB of absorption
  • Built-in non-reflective turn table
  • Support for 700 MHz to 6 GHz frequency band of operation
  • Filtered gig Ethernet, USB, HDMI, fiber optic high speed connections Filtered AC and DC power
  • Filtered ventilation
  • Peel & stick easy-to-replace gasketing to maintain isolation year after year
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/p/n/ac), Bluetooth and cellular (GSM, UMTS, LTE, FDD, TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced) testing
  • Throughput vs. range vs. orientation measurements using the octoBox testbed
  • Certification testing
  • RX dynamic range testing
  • Antenna pattern measurement
  • Measurements under controlled signal and noise power settings
  • Video over Wi-Fi testing with monitor mount for viewing video quality

octoBox-38 semi-anechoic chamber is a key building block of the octoBox stackable wireless testbeds. octoBox features stable anechoic conditions for over the air (OTA) signal transmission inside. It supports a variety of filters for high speed data, video and power that enable you to control the devices inside without breaching the isolation of the octoBox.

The filters include gigabit Ethernet with POE (power over Ethernet), USB, HDMI and DC power. octoBox also supports the installation of a waveguide filter for feeding fiber optic or other non-conductive cables through to the devices inside. Ventilation is filtered via waveguide honeycomb filters.

Antenna kits, shelves and other accessories described in the octoBox Datasheet make octoBox easily adaptable for a variety of test configurations.

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