Network optimisation
Meet the challenges of customer service delivery with network equipment and software to increase the efficiency of the network.

Turn network data into actionable insights with software tools designed to optimise network performance and accelerate network operations.

Paragon Active Assurance

Software based active test and assurance platform for enterprises, communication service providers and cloud providers.


Paragon Insights

Translate real-time analytics into actionable insights.


Paragon Pathfinder

SDN control optimises provisioning and management of segment routing and IP/MPLS paths, for exceptional user experiences.


Paragon Planner

Network modeling tool for offline visualisation and detailed architectural planning


Sandvine ActiveLogic

Sandvine helps organizations run world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence "ANI", to identify and adapt to network behaviour in real time. Take control of your data plane, with intelligent optimisation for improved productivity and reduced costs.

TCP Accelerator

Improve QoE by taking control of TCP. Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator "TCPA" allows network operators to dramatically improve network efficiency and QoE, without making changes to the network infrastructure.