AutoGet Portable Intelligent Fibre Endface Microscope

Fsat, automated connector inspection
  • Auto focus
  • Auto exposure setting
  • Auto centering
  • Auto analysis
  • Auto reporting in Excel format
  • High image quality
  • LED indicator for working status
  • Compact and Slim
  • Compatible with IEC 61300-3-35
  • Quick and one-click measurement

Autoget is an intelligent portable fiber enface inspector equipped with latest hardware and software technologies, supporting auto focus, auto exposure, auto analysis, auto report generation, auto image transmission, and more. Autoget automatically detect defects such dirts, scratches on fibre endfaces.

AutoGet, leveraging advanced hardware and software, autonomously evaluates the quality of fiber endfaces. It operates on either IEC standards or criteria set by the customer. This system ensures precise and consistent results, independent of the operator’s skill level or experience.

Employing an optimised algorithm, AutoGet reduces the likelihood of human error in testing fibres.

AutoGet boasts rapid focusing and image analysis capabilities, enabling it to complete tests in less than two seconds. This feature is crucial for efficient visual inspections.

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