Metric Server

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Metric Server
  • Bulk Processing speech file pairs for MOS and KPIsKey
  • Web User Interface or Python-based API
  • Supports PESQ, POLQA, VISQOOL, Speech Analysis, DTMF Integrity
  • High Scalability: 50,000+ Speech per day
  • Dashboard and Graphical view analysis or API export
  • Unique Speech Performance Analysis(SPA) Technology

MetricServer processes speech file pairs through industry standard algorithms such as POLQA® to determine indicators of voice quality and audio experience, including the MeanOpinion Score (MOS) estimation.

It streamlines the process of evaluating and maintaining high speech and voice quality, making it an essential tool for telecommunications and audio quality professionals.

To learn more about the Metric Server, check the product data sheet below.

Speech performance expertiseMetric Server targets Service Providers, Integrators and Mobile Carriers who need to monitor Voice services metrics and Quality ofExperience (QoE). Regardless of where degraded speech files are captured, Opale Systems' Metric Server is an easy-to-use scalable software that provides Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and key voice quality indicators. Opale Systems' technology analyses degraded voice files signal in real time to extract detailed metrics and enable in-depth analysis of poor scoring results.
Easy Integration with 3rd Party AppUsing the platform-independent Python API, MetricServer can be integrated into any proprietary test system. The reference and degraded speech files are passed to MetricServer by the third-party test application. The results are returned to the third-party test application, to a database or stored in CSV file.
  • Supports ITU Standards algorithms and more (PESQ, POLQA®, VISQOOL, PEAQ Music analysis)
  • A range of popular metrics: MOS, Signal Latency, Percentage of speech loss, Speech/Noise levels)
  • Logical workflow, easy to use)
  • Automation scripts capability with platform-independent Python library )
  • Multi-user Web-based User Interface)
  • Graphical and textual presentation in-browser application, for a detailed understanding of speech quality performance )
  • High scalability : Thousands of audio files are processed per day)
Data sheet
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