dX3 400G Seven-Speed Appliance

Native QSFP-DD Test Platform
  • 8 400GbE ports per 1U high appliance, delivers the highest density high speed Ethernet solution
  • Each port supports:
    PAM4: 1x400GbE, 2x200GbE, 4x100GbE 8x50GbE
    NRZ:2x100GbE,4x50GbE, 2x40GbE, 4x25GbE, 4x10GbE (optional licenses may be required to support NRZ encoding)
  • Available single port upgrades
  • High density 32xQSFP28 port option– requires external accessory and license
  • Support for Ethernet (FEC), and Auto Negotiation (AN) and Link Training (LT) for all supported speeds and full breakouts including 8x50G AN/LT
  • Protocol testing for L2/3 routing/switching and data center test cases
  • Industry’s highest density QSFP-DD test appliance
  • PAM4 and NRZ solution in one platform
  • Provides large capacity testing for a variety of services
  • 4 to 8 port upgrade available via licensing

Network bandwidth needs continue to grow at a rapid pace. Network equipment manufacturers are developing highly flexible multi-rate products to support thelatest generation of HSE devices. Service Providers and Hyperscale data centers are deploying multi-rate networking infrastructure solutions to meet this growingmarket.

With these multi-rate requirements, customers demand higher density test equipment. Flexibility is needed to validate the next generation of routers and datacenter fabrics.

Spirent dx3 400G Appliance was developed to meet these specific needs with its industry-leading 2x density advantage for QSFP-DD from nearest competitor. Spirent’s native QSFP-DD platform is a 1U rack mountable appliance and can be configured to support per port (PAM4) 400/200/100/50GbE and (NRZ) 100/50/40/25/10GbE encoding. The appliance also supports Auto Negotiation and Link Training for all speeds including 8x50G AN/LT. Trade-in programs are available for customers interested in upgrading existing hardware to support Auto Negotiation and Link Training and NRZ encoding. The dx3 Appliance also supports Spirent’s Smart Port Technology, a licensed feature that allows single port and speed upgrades for maximum value and flexibility. A high-density 100G mode option is also available allowing support for 4xQSFP28 from a single QSFP-DD port, achieving a maximum of 32x100GbE ports from a single 1U platform.

Cloud Computing/Streaming ServicesValidate data plane QoS on thousands of flows at line rate and test complex routing, data center and access protocols on switches and routers.
Data Center ToR and EoR Switches and FabricsValidate forwarding performance, latency, MAC capacity and functional capabilities of ultra-high-scale, next- generation enabled multi-terabit cloud data center fabrics. This platform will allow synchronized timing of 255 systems with no requirement for external timing devices or specialized cabling.
Terabit RoutersTest latest generation of core routers with high-scale, multiprotocol topologies.
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