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Fibre Installers

Making fibre deployment easier, faster and higher reliability.

Our fibre deployment tools cover every aspect of the infrastructure installation, from splicing on connectors to inspection and end to end testing. Our all-in-one splicers deliver repeatable, high quality splices to reduce field failures and associated site rework to keep costs to a minimum.

Reduce FTTH deployment time

30%The innovative KF4A all-in-one splicer combines stripping, cleaning, cleaving splicing and testing functions into a single automated splicer that reduces deployment time by up to 30% through reduced field-failures.

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KF4a All In One Splicer

Expedite splicing activities and reduce poor splices.

The all-in-one splicer automates 5 splicing activities, ensuring high quality splices every time.

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Install and maintain optical networks with this rugged OTDR.

As well as the fully featured OTDR the modular platform supports other modules including a CWDM Optical Channel Analyser and 1G Ethernet tester.

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CMA5 – Optical Loss Tester

The CMA5 series are compact and lightweight, its excellent cost performance and simple operation with the required minimum number of functions make it ideal for onsite I&M.