Low PIM filter
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The low PIM Filters are often used by Cellular systems to prevent outband interference. Radiocomm unique design process provides -165dBc extra Low PIM under high RF Power.

Part numberDescription
FT3-P2032300_2360 MHz Low PIM Bandpass Filter (FT3-P203)
FT3-P2042307.5-2317.5MHz Low PIM Bandpass Filter (FT3-P204)
FT3-P2052375-2385MHz Low PIM Bandpass Filter (FT3-P205)
FT3-P2062017.5-2027.5MHz Low PIM Bandpass Filter (FT3-P206)
FT3-P207Extra Low PIM Band 13 Rejection Filter (FT3-P207)
FT3-P303iDEN Rejection Low PIM Filter (FT3-P303)
FT3-P305iDEN Rejection Low PIM Filter (FT3-P305)
FT4-P700Low PIM Notch Filter (FT4-P700)
FT4-P701Low PIM Notch Filter (FT4-P701)
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