Robotic Fibre Switch, automating the physical layer
  • Automated Fibre Patch Panel
  • Remotely Re-Configurable
  • Single Mode or Multi-mode Fibre
  • No Electronic Latency
  • All Optical - Low Optical Loss
  • CLI & GUI Interface
  • Robotic Precision
  • Bitrate & Wavelength Independent
  • Patented Mechanical Latching Technology
  • Redundant, Hot-Swappable Power Supply

ROME® is a robotic optical switch that offers dynamic fibre cross connect capability at layer-0. It  enables physical fibre connections to be made automatically, remotely, quickly, and without on-site manual intervention. ROME delivers superior optical performance and low insertion loss. It is completely transparent to transport protocols, wavelengths and signal rates.

With ROME®, data centre, telco & lab operators benefit from reduced CAPEX and OPEX as well as improved reliability and security, while future-proofing their critical infrastructure

Data centres are dependent on reliable fibre optic infrastructure to support mission critical applications. This need is addressed when robotic technology is combined with fibre optics, infusing intelligence and automation down to the physical layer.

ROME® is available in a number of different sizes, allowing it to be scaled from small comms rooms to datacentres.

Reduce MTTRROME enables on-site patching of traffic to alternative fibres without the need for staff to attend site.
Reduce high security room accessUsing ROME to makepatching connections in high-security environments allows the provisioning of new services without the need for staff access.
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