Robotic Fibre Switch

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The ROME robotic fibre switch is built with carrier grade reliability and cost effectiveness and brings automation and software control to the physical layer network. Telco, Data Center and Lab operators are now able to: improve their mean time to repair, better fulfill their high priority SLAs and consolidate / utilize their devices.

Key Features

Automation for physical optical connectivity enables applications with benefits beyond CAPEX and OPEX savings. Through their own orchestration software, data center operators and telco providers can now provision a circuit within seconds instead of days. Efficiency is significantly increased with an end-to-end workflow, while removing “hands in the plant” which allows a higher level of network security.

ROME® offers a pure optical connection through Wave2Wave’s patented Mechanical Latching Technology. Connectivity through ROME is passive, which allows scalability and future-proofing through transparency of data rates and protocols. ROME redefines reliability by not propogating failures that normally impact services, including facility power outages.


In the physical connectivity space, automation is a game changer.


  • Data Center automation brings security and near zero time to service to data center operators and their customers. Automated cross connects enable SDN and the software orchestration platform to drive the physical layer. ROME can be utilized in highly secure, remote or off-limits Data Center locations to provide full connectivity control, eliminating the need for long delays and the risk of human errors. Scheduled provisioning can also be used to create more automation and intelligence in the Data Center network.


  • Telcos are evolving and Central Offices are being Re-Architected into Data Centers. A more hands-off, flexible and software defined network is needed. The ROME robotic fiber switch offers integration with testing and orchestration vendors, thus improving the mean time to repair, remote connectivity intelligence and the fulfillment of SLAs. Telcos are able to reduce truck rolls, expedite lead times for network changes and more efficiently manage their connectivity infrastructure.


  • Automation brings a higher level of equipment and technician utilization, thus enabling lab consolidation and remote lab as a service capabilities. In lab automation, ROME provides all the tracking and switching of connections, reducing the cost and time of manual connection maintenance. Pools of test devices that are commonly used across the lab can be shared to all respective devices, increasing the tool utilization percentage. It also decreases the time needed to setup and run tests and provides CAPEX and OPEX savings.
  • Automated Fiber Patch Panel
  • Remotely Re-Configurable
  • Single Mode or Multi-mode Fiber
  • No Electronic Latency
  • All Optical - Low Optical Loss
  • CLI & GUI Interface
  • Robotic Precision
  • Bitrate & Wavelength Independent
  • Patented Mechanical Latching Technology
  • Redundant, Hot-Swappable Power Supply