Test 4G/5G/O-RAN networks in the RF lab with zero-touch automation and Operate an RF Lab from anywhere.
lamta wireless testing
  • RF Signal Distribution and Attenuation Control
  • Suitable for 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi testing
  • Graphical dashboard view of RF connections
  • Multi-vendor attenuator support
  • Remote testing access
  • Resource reservation and assignment
  • UE Control
  • RF Monitoring
  • Advanced Mobility
  • Higher Availability Server

LAMTA is an orchestration platform that uses zero-touch automation to enable rapid testing and lab management for next-gen wireless networks. By automating tedious manual processes like set-up and tear-down, users can run more sophisticated testing, optimise lab resource usage, increase confidence in test results, and reduce time-to-market.

LAMTA Products

RF Test Position

A self-contained orchestration solution to help reduce equipment space and cost, improve test efficiency, and enable more sophisticated test case scenarios such as MIMO and Carrier Aggregation.

RF Test System

An orchestration system for a small-mid sized RF lab supporting up to 8 RF inputs and 8 eight RF test stations.

RF Monitor

A cost-effective way to monitor the RF environment in the lab or the field. LAMTA RF Monitor can directly scan the RF environment and quickly see the results using LAMTA software.


  • Set up tests in minutes with no manual patching
  • Eliminate variable attenuators at each individual test station
  • Efficiently share limited and expensive test resources
  • Enable “lights out lab” – testing from anywhere
  • Software controlled handover and roaming tests including MIMO and Carrier Aggregation
  • Repeat tests hundreds or thousands of times as needed 
  • The LAMTA platform offers several advanced options to enhance lab operations

LAMTA Case Study
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