Sessionmaster EXA48600

Layer 7 packet broker
  • 10 Gbit / 25 Gbit / 40 Gbit / 100 Gbit
  • Layer 7 support
  • Can be customized to customer’s requirement
  • P4 language support
  • No optical modules blocking
  • Non Blocking backplane
  • Link/Port Aggregation. Aggregation many to any, and any to many at all link speeds
  • Low power design
  • Python script App manager
The Sessionmaster EXA48600 is a network packet broker design based on newest and most advanced ASIC available on the market. It is built with an advanced Cavium multi-core host controller and the biggest network buffer ram in the industry . The central ASIC supports the latest technology features like P4 network description language for later advanced feature upgrade. The big manageable buffer size helps to overcome bursting issues in aggregation applications. The Cavium multi core host controller supports application to faster interact with the network ASIC.

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The EXA48600 features highly advanced technology. It is an advanced system which can handle billions of packets up to OSI layer 7.

The product is based on an advanced chip design combined with a high-performance multi-core host controller. Additionally, the OS (operating system) running on this multi-core host controller is of a totally innovative design. These features make the EXA48600 capable of handling all types of tunnels from GRE, VXLAN to MAC in MAC, and this with an impressive performance up to 2,8 TBit/sec. There is no backplane oversubscription issue.

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