10x10 Gbps CFP2 Host Module CFP2 MCB | Low Insertion Loss | Operation up to 10G per lane
  • High Performance signal integrity traces
  • CFP2 MSA Form Factor
  • Low Insertion Loss Rogers 4350 based material
  • 18 GHz Right Angle SMA connectors
  • Supports 10x10G interfaces
  • MSA compliant MDIO master
  • Current Sense
  • TX and RX channels come with matching trace length of 3338 mils
  • On-board LEDs showing MSA output
  • Alarms states
  • On-board buttons/jumpers for MSA input control signals
  • User friendly GUI for MDIO control and loading custom MSA Memory Maps.
  • USB controlled

CFP2 MSA Compliant Host board ML4042, is designed to provide an efficient and easy method of programming and testing 10x10G CFP2 modules.

The ML4042 comes complete with a user friendly GUI supporting all features defined by CFP2 MSA and simplifying configuration process. Current sense circuit is also included on the Host.

The ML4042 host is designed to simulate an ideal environment for CFP2 transceivers module and cable testing, characterization and manufacturing tests. Its properties make the host board as electrically transparent as possible, allowing for a more accurate assessment of themodule’s performance.

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