Comprehensive, automated service validation and quality assurance for pre and production mobile networks
  • Active monitoring for QoS-driven, differentiated services
  • Functional testing for network and service evolution
  • Performance Testing to ensure your network services scale
  • Service enablement for rapid time to market

Evolver is a flexible platform that enables service validation and service quality assurance in mobile networks. It offers centralised control of network testing and active monitoring programmes, comprehensive script editing and real performance modelling.

Increase efficiency for network test and assurance programmes 

Simple to integrate, hundreds of test cases

REST API interfaces enable integration with orchestration platforms, providing full alignment with new deployment models.

Hundreds of network test cases and scenarios can be created and executed by distributed active agents, supporting CI/CD/CT models.

Comprehensive, flexible, and customisable – full control 

Full customisation with powerful script editor

A powerful script editor enables configuration of different scenarios, backed by a library of traffic cases and models.

Extensive, flexible KPI reporting, and alarms ensures that all measures are captured for insight, giving instant feedback.

Simplify complex test scenariosCreate powerful, automated tests, no need for time consuming, complex scripting.
Helping you to drive network innovationInnovate and develop so that new services can be tested and rolled out rapidly.
Fits with your agile workflowsAdvanced automation and integration with CI/CD/CT processes through REST API.
Traffic generation with full stack L7 protocolsControl plane with pre-defined nodes and management of user sessions.
Evolver overview
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