ML4039EN 400G BERT with Noise Injection

4-Channel | 56 GBd PAM & NRZ | 400G BERT with ISI, JTOL & Crosstalk Noise injection|
  • DataRates:23–29&46–58GBd
  • Ability to tune the bit rate in steps of 100 kbps and find the RX PLL locking margin.
  • Independent control of inner eye levels
  • Up to 0.8 Vppd output swing
  • Supports Gray coding and polarity inversion
  • SNR monitoring over time.
  • PAM histogram monitor.
  • PAM slicer threshold adaptive.
  • Error-detection on following patterns: - PRBS 7/9/11/15/16/23/31 - PRBS13Q and PRBS31Q
  • LOS indicators.
  • LabView sample and Python wrapper available.

The ML4039EN is a full feature 400G BERT that can be configured as a four-channel PAM4 56 GBaud or four-channel NRZ 28/56 Gbps lanes. Also, half rates of 23 to 29 GBd are supported.

The transmitters Support all standard test patterns mandated by IEEE and OIF such as PRBS13Q, SSPRQ, PRBS31Q, etc.
It is also possible to program the TX to output a user-defined pattern up to 32 kb long.

The ML4039EN is specifically designed to add crosstalk noise with configurable frequency up to 29.6 Gbps for NRZ and up to 29.6 GBaud for PAM. Additionally, the user can select to programmatically add an ISI channel equivalent to a frequency-dependent attenuator with 1 to 9 dB loss at Nyquist.

When used in conjunction with the ML407PAM clock synthesizer, it can modulate its output pattern with SJ of over 5UI and up to 4 MHz.

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