Allegro 200 Network Multimeter

Allegro Packets
Real-time and historical analysis of network traffic
  • Understand your network
  • See who did what, when
  • Realtime layer 2-7 network monitoring
  • 2 x 1000Base-T monitor ports
  • 2 GBit/s max. throughput
  • 2 GB internal database memory
  • Historical data retention
  • Up to 300,000 retrospective connections

The Allegro 200 makes both real-time and historical analysis of network traffic possible. It analyzes and correlates all data across the network layers 2 to 7, allowing network problems or unexpected traffic to be detected in seconds. The appliance is available in different versions: as a mobile or rack version, for small data centers, large ISPs, but also for the local company network.

The Allegro 200 can analyze the data traffic for up to 50 PCs or servers and data rates of up to 1 GBit/s full duplex immediately after commissioning inline or at the mirror port. They can be flexibly integrated at almost any point in the network, either directly at the customer’s premises or accessed remotely. Our customers appreciate the fact that our debugger is both mobile and high-performance. This provides cost-efficient and powerful network analysis.

Quick diagnosis

Click-through structures and selective pcap extraction help you to find the content you need quickly. The web interface search function allows you to sort, search and filter by MAC or IP addresses, ports, VLANs, TCP handshakes, HTTP latencies and more. You get the results in a fraction of a second, enabling immediate analysis.

Monitor up to 50 PCsGet visibility of applications, loss, latency, jitter and much more
Small footprintDesk mounted, silent operation.
Very affordable entry level systemFully featured, ideal for small office deployments and troubleshooting
Remote troubleshootingAccess remotely to avoid on site visits to debug network issues
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