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Network analytics to improve productivity

Managing a small office network is often time consuming and difficult. Budgets are lower than larger corporates and available tools more limited.  However expectations are still high and a business can live or die based on the reliability of its network.  

Temporary network congestion, packetloss and jitter can badly impact a business.  Access to cloud based services, such as Office365 or HubSpot can be impacted, WebEx or other conference services can work intermittently.

In order to find out why network issues are occurring, a solution is needed that analyses and records critical parameters such as :

  • Applications being used like Facebook, WebEx, video, VoIP
  • End users overall usage (to find the top users / abusers)
  • Packetloss
  • Jitter
  • Latency
  • Examine traffic from particular origins and countries

For troubleshooting, two other aspects are vital:

  • Being able to see real time traffic analysis for ongoing incidents
  • Quickly recalling specific historical data to analyse reported issues

Aside from troubleshooting, network analytics gives those responsible for managing the network, the planning tools needed to get ahead of issues, especially relating to capacity. By examining peaks and any associated packetloss, new capacity can be planned, purchased and deployed, before end users notice bottlenecks

Allegro Packets Network Multimeter

To help solve all the above issues for an SME environment, Frame recommends Allegro Packets Network Multimeter 200.  

Adding an Allegro in your office architecture is simple. The Allegro 200 is specifically designed as an entry level device in terms of price and its physical size. However, the software is fully featured and it can handle 1Gbps over 2x GE ports, typically enough to handle 50 end user devices.  The Allegro 500 unit takes the capacity to over 100 users.

Network MultiMeter

Purpose built for the small office environment. Giving you the network visibility, usually only found in expensive rack mounted equipment.

Key benefits

Stores analytic data in memory for near instant recall – fast to find the issue

Burst Analysis down to millisecond granularity – find temporary congestion that other solutions miss

Connect inline or on a network tap / mirror port

Examine DNS performance

Detailed view of Packetloss, jitter, response times and much more

Alarm on thresholds you set, such as packet loss above 2%, jitter above 10ms

Report generation built in

No user data is stored, GDPR friendly.

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