The OFS-100 Optical Fusion Splicer is a powerful fibre optic splicer designed for quick and reliable splicing in the field or workshop.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Four-Motor Clad alignment
  • SMF (G.652), MMF (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZ-DSF (G.655), BIF (G.657),
    CSF (G.654), EDF splicing
  • One-fit-all fibre holders for bare fibre, pigtails, patch cords and FTTH indoor fibre splicing
  • Auto fibre end-face inspection, auto arc position adjustment, splice loss calculation, temperature and pressure compensation
  • Rapid Splicing (≤6s) and Heating (≤18s)
  • Auto splicing
  • Auto heating
  • Auto arc optimisation
  • Arc counter prompts electrode change upon usage
  • X/Y and X+Y display for clear fibre core image
  • Quick mount battery with power indicator
  • Built-in illumination
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant
  • User-Friendly Interface

The OFS-100 high-performance optical fibre fusion splicer delivers exceptional results in demanding field applications.


  • A 5-inch LCD combines with dual complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) cameras to provide a comprehensive view of the fibre splice throughout the entire process.
  • X/Y and X+Y image orientation modes ensure a clear and detailed picture of the fibre alignment at all crucial stages.

Extensive Fibre Compatibility:

  • The OFS-100 offers exceptional versatility, supporting a wide range of fibre types including:
    • Single-mode fibre (SMF) G.652
    • Multimode fibre (MMF) G.651
    • Dispersion-shifted fibre (DSF) G.653
    • Non-zero dispersion shifted fibre (NZ-DSF) G.655
    • Bend-insensitive fibre (BIF) G.657
    • Cut-off shifted fibre (CSF) G.654
    • Erbium-doped fibre (EDF)

Built for Durability and Portability:

  • The compact and rugged design of the OFS-100 makes it ideal for field use.
  • The unit is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor environments, enabling long-term operation without compromising performance.


  • This advanced splicer is a valuable tool for a wide range of industries, including Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Railway, Power, Military, Scientific Research

The package also includes a high performance Optical Fibre Cleaver OCF-25

For detailed information, check out the product data sheet.

Data sheet
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